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In October of 2023, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, a member of the Lincoln Club of Northern California, was one of 10 remarkable individuals that were selected as the Top Heroes of Korean Immigration.   In recognition of her groundbreaking achievements, the Club was proud to present Dr. Kim with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to American society through innovation and community service.

Dr. Kim’s multifaceted roles include being a philanthropist, motivational speaker, life coach, author, and even a wine maker. She is renowned as the highest-ranking female martial artist in the world, holding the esteemed title of Great Grandmaster.

Prominent brands such as Nestle, Apple, GE, Tesla, and NASA all share a common thread: they benefit from the cutting-edge clean room air and water technology developed by Dr. Kim and her team. As the Founder & Chairman of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Dr. Kim stands as a dynamic powerhouse, utilizing her entrepreneurial prowess and martial arts principles to drive innovation.

Dr. Kim's journey is a testament to her resolute spirit. In 1969, armed with just $300 and an unwavering determination to pursue the American Dream, she worked tirelessly at odd jobs, until her efforts led her to break 5000 years of tradition when she became the first female Grandmaster.

Undaunted by societal expectations, Dr. Kim's motto, "He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!" epitomizes her unyielding spirit and commitment to challenging conventions. This motto became a guiding principle as she navigated challenges, eventually breaking barriers that once barred women from training in the martial arts.

Dr. Kim's contributions have earned her numerous accolades, including two Gold Stevie Awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award, Woman of the Year for the State of California, Susan B. Anthony Award, CEDAW Women’s Human Right Award in Entrepreneurship, and the prestigious Hope of the Country of Korea designation. Her company, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, stands as the Best Workplace in Silicon Valley for two consecutive years.

Dr. Kim's vision extends beyond her professional success. Through philanthropy, she is dedicated to advancing science and technology for the well-being of humanity. Her ultimate goal is to inspire individuals to break through limitations, foster a healthier and happier world, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Club’s CFO Luis Buhler, traveled to Southern California to present Dr. Kim with the award (pictured below) last year. He pointed out that in a time when so many Americans are undergoing a “crisis of confidence,” Dr. Kim is an inspiration to us all.

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is now in its third year as a corporate member of the Lincoln Club of Northern California.  Joining Dr. Kim as members of the Lincoln Club are Lighthouse CEO Scott Salton and President Paul Newman.

You can learn more about Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions here, and more about Dr. Kim here

Dr. Kim Award Ceremony

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Read Dr. Kim's Award Brochure below, complete with letters from members of Congress and more!

Dr. Kim Award Brochure

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